Showing the world a glimpse of love, loss and loneliness in the day in the life of a young woman.

Living with an inherent sadness in her heart and lack of motivation for life, Iris – after an encounter with Dylan at a neighborhood bookstore – is struck with a zest for life again…until she has to confront an unbearable family truth.

Lovely is a story of loneliness; one which can be conceived as a microcosm of everyday life. A story that navigates through waters of youth and attraction, fascination and hope, and ultimately grief. It’s a film about happenstance, being at the right place at the right time; about a phone call that can change one’s world, and about a yearning that – if only for an afternoon – comes to fruition.

  • Written by : Jess Conkwright/li>
  • Directed by : Gabriela Tollman
  • Produced by : John Jester
  • Starring : Emily Hall & Damian Quinn