I’m clueless and sure to bludgeon more Ming dynasty priceless china shops with my reckless hooves… I somehow asked for this I pissed off someone in a past life and now there’s no one around to take my sorrows and loneliness away from me I still want heaven…I still have it, but like a movie […]

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Upon a red balloon I ponder love and loss go far away to places that glow with pride I don’t only get dreamy at nightfall, my darling the days too are filled with fantasies and long-awaited whispers by candlelight come to my ocean for flight my arms grow into pelagic birds that lift me higher […]

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She sat down beneath the forest and as the symphony grew louderthere were memories from long agoflooding into a smokey room of sage a blanknessblack towers and crackling of crowscrows she once knewbefore she started to rememberbefore she started to rememberthe lightpensive lines with delicate handsthat grabbed onto whiskey for comfortduring solemn nightscarefully cut out crafted windows […]

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