Upon a red balloon I ponder love and loss

go far away to places that glow with pride

I don’t only get dreamy at nightfall, my darling

the days too are filled with fantasies and long-awaited whispers by candlelight

come to my ocean for flight

my arms grow into pelagic birds that lift me higher into a man’s heart

spin in circles and create elongated dancers out of memories

I hid my picture from you all that time

and now I’m brave enough for you to see it

you can’t tell me what is true because I already trust my instincts

inspiration flourishes 

right before


I sit on your balcony and dream of an existence with you

espresso and cookies in bed 

I wake with your kisses and dream for nonsense 

for our world couldn’t be anything what their world is

j’espere seulement qu’il sait vrai que mon amour est

erase anything but Antibes

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