A lightness beckons you from afar
you reach for it, but the transparency blinds you
so you design another option
another choice
you are defeated as your prophecy inside wells up against these four walls
you confuse selfishness with independence
you agree with struggle
there is a lightness around you
but you ignore it
you stifle it with liquids that seep through your pores
until it saturates onto me
not that you meant it to
not that your intentions were falling out of the window again
yet through it all you keep your hand on my heart
so I’m aware of your physicality
the spirit I know lives inside of you
but it went for a walk in the woods
I run in the rain to try to save you
I devour your senses until they become my own
I bury them inside me until the sadness breaks any idea of ecstasy
let go of the warrior you think you’re supposed to be
to embrace the hero you really are
you turn into the cold
and I can’t look back now
there is a lightness inside of you
it is there as I watch you leave
I know a wind will carry us back to each other
someday we will follow the sun
you and I

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